Subject: Calculus

Differential Calculus

One of the two main subjects of calculus is differential calculus. It is a study mostly on the derivatives of a function and equations involving functions. Differential calculus has its DNA depply rooted on derivatives. Along with integration, differential calculus forms the nucleus of the study of calculus. Its analytical structure is based on the concepts of limits. The word derivative has a simple meaning - "rate of change". So when a function f is defined by y=f(x), then its derivative at a point x_o is just the rate of change of the function at the point \left (x_o, f(x_o) \right ).
Differential calculus really does have a wide range of applications in the real world; that's why it is important to study this subject matter. (Not just because your teachers make you!) Some of its applications include: quantitative description of a car's speed, the maximum value of a quantity, and the rate at which the balloon inflates just to name a few. Differential calculus is even used in higher scientific studies such as in quantum mechanics and electromagnetism! So hurry up and start reading articles on differential calculus by following the links below! (It's ok if you're only reading for help with homework, too. Not everyone can be excited about math all the time!)

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