Subject: Calculus

List Of Integrals

Lists of Integrals and Tables of integrals are very useful in any mathematical and scientific applications and calculations especially in evaluating integrals of any kinds. Together with Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus is one of the most important and widely used branch of mathematics in terms of application and theory. Its domain includes other big branches of science (especially physics and chemistry) and engineering. So when you're into such kinds of stuffs (science and engineering), you should prepare yourself for some heavy-duty integral calculation and evaluation. And tables of integrals and lists of integrals will be your savior as you go along...


The first known person who did a compilation of a list of integrals including integral calculus techniques is a German mathematician named Meyer Hirsch. He did those during the early eighteenth-century and Hirsch works were republished in United Kingdom thirteen years later. In 1858, a Dutch mathematician David de Bierens de Haan respond to the call and did his own version of lists of integrals which is more extensive than Hirsch's. The competition got tougher which leads to the publication of much more extensive integral tables by Gradshteyn and Ryzhik. Thanks to these great grandfathers for making integral calculus a bit easier than before.

The Integral List

The following are the list to many forms of integral.

Lists of Integral