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Calculus: SpecialFunctionsAndNumbers

The world of Mathematics is a system of simple to complex numbers and functions. Before, mathematicians and scientists discover certain numbers, functions and calculation methods whom they find it very useful in the different areas of science and mathematics. As time progresses, the use and occurence of these numbers or functions becomes frequent that until such time they our great forefathers decided to name such numbers and functions. In reality, these numbers do not have any standing uniqueness among any other number. However, due to its importance in the field of experimentation and theoretical calculation, it becomes one of the most important numbers or functions in science and mathematics.
In calculus, a few of the most common used special functions and numbers are natural logarithms, e, exponential functions and etcetera. These are particular mathematical numbers and functions which have more or less established names and notations due to their importance in mathematics, science and technology.
So as you go along, try to know and get acquainted to some of these functions and numbers by simply clicking on the links inside the table below.

List of Special Functions and Numbers
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