Subject: Calculus

Table Of Integrals

In this article, we will only be presenting directly the answers to the very basic of integration which are the elementary forms of integration. We also choose the integral to be indefinite for simplicity.

Some Elementary Forms of Integration

  • \int dx = x + C
  • \int a dx = ax + C
  • \int x dx = \frac{1}{2}\cdot x^2 + C
  • \int ax dx = \frac{a}{2}\cdot x^2 + C
  • \int [f(x) + g(x)] dx = \int f(x)dx + \int g(x)dx
  • \int [af(x) + bg(x)] dx = a\int f(x)dx + b\int g(x)dx
  • \int x^r dx = \frac{1}{r+1}\cdot x^{r+1} + C
  • \int \frac{dx}{x} = \ln{x}+ C
  • \int \frac{dx}{ax} = \frac{1}{a}\ln{x}+ C

The above forms of elementary integrals possesses ease in solving and recall. For a more in-depth forms of integrals, refer to the following list of integrals.

Other Forms of Integral