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The aim of math2 is to provide a resource, by professionals and faculty, to help students understand a variety of math related issues.

This can be accomplished with lesson plans, analogies, examples, and real world usage. Math is understood to be the universal language. An orange plus an orange will give you two. This truth is understood from the grocery store to the most distant of stars.

It is also becoming more and more obvious that math is needed across many professions to excel in your job and your life. What would an engineer be without a background in math? An accountant? Even a lawyer (although much of his math may be in regards to how much he charges his clients).


  • To help students more fully understand their work through examples.
  • To create a community of number crunchers that will help each other grow.
  • To bridge the gap between technical and general, theory and practice.
  • In a more international thought, to help spread knowledge to our neighbors abroad in the hopes that it helps other cultures grow (viva google translate)
  • To create a database of quality knowledge and experience.
  • And of course, to enjoy the trip.

To Sum it Up

Math2 may have started as a small idea, but with the help of others around the webiverse I'd like to see it grow into a valued resource for students worldwide.

If you feel like you'd like to help math2 grow, please read the
'Rules to become a math2 editor'? for more information.