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So you've decided to advertise with us?

Great choice, but math2 currently does not have the system setup to allow individual sites to be advertised.

The only form of advertising we currently have set up is with Googles Adsense.

Therefore if you want to be included in our advertising you need to:

  1. At the bottom of every Ad there will be an "Advertise on this Site" link. Click that link.
  2. Sign up with Adwords, throw some money into an account and enjoy.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Keep in mind that math2 is mainly visited by technically savvy individuals (e.g. students studying moderate to advanced mathematical topics), so keep your target audience in mind.
  • Google will set the cost per click of the Ad, so math2 will have nothing to do with the cost you pay per click.
  • Try to make your Ad as specific as possible so you get relevant clicks. For example if your ad says "Free Math Tutor" it may get clicked a lot, but I doubt anyone will actually want to buy your dvd which contains the lesson plan (for the low price of 57.99)
  • If you believe you can make me an offer that couldn't possibly be refused feel free to Email me and perhaps we can work something out. A man has to be open to reason.

Most important of all:

Thank you for showing interest in math2!